Exploring The Gully

"Hum kis gully ja rahe hain? INDIANGULLY"

We just dropped a tear of joy because someone cared to read about US! *weeps*

We are IndianGully – We’re a team of ordinary people, just like each one of you’ll reading this, with a hidden zest to bring out the best in everyone and what better way than F.A.S.H.I.O.N.

The idea behind this name IndianGully is to reflect the gully culture of our country and to thereby provide the most astonishing products wrapped in magnificent deals.

Let’s come down to our website now, shall we?

The heart of our website is our "599 Store" – providing fashion at the most modest prices. Our gullies offer us the most earnest prices but we often end up with a headache with those awful bargains, parking pains, and most of all the constant tiring travelling! Now with IndianGully and our 599 Store forget all these and get the most extravagant products at these earnest prices – don’t forget we cater at your doorstep as well! *winks*

IndianGully revolves around garments and outfits, but we don’t like to restrict ourselves, do you’ll? We also believe in some jazz and bling and offer exquisite accessories, needless to say at affordable prices. We believe in all things pretty and we believe in the magic of colors. Be vibrant, be colorful, be stylish, and still not be broke, with our modest prices and spectacular outfits.

We offer the craziest deals EVERYDAY. Yes, you read it right. EVERYDAY. Keep guessing and keep shopping. We wish you the most pocket friendly and never like before shopping experience with IndianGully. So get exploring, which gully? IndianGully!

Hiten Tanna - Indian Gully

Hiten TannaFounder

Shivani Chande - Indian Gully

Shivani Chande Founder

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